For a period of just over 11 years, Empire Synergy has been part of SMART’s global partner network committed to helping educators, businesses and governments to succeed all over the world. SMART’s technology solutions aim to transform and empower teachers, students and corporate/government teams to learn and work in innovative ways, inspiring breakthroughs – from improved learning outcomes, to enabling businesses and government departments to achieve organizational results through improved communications, accelerated training and decision-making.

Empire Synergy is the sole Platinum Partner for SMART Education, Business and Government Solutions for the Republic of Botswana and currently in Africa. The SMART Platinum Partner accreditation level is the highest available partner accreditation status available from SMART and is a set standard of excellence which signifies SMART Partners who are focused on improving the end-user experience – from sales consultations, installations, training, after sales follow-up and support to its customers.

Our SMART Education Solutions are renowned for their global success in improving teaching and learning by transforming traditional classrooms into 21st century classrooms that shift pedagogy from teacher-centred to student-centred learning in order for learners to acquire 21st century skills. Our SMART Education Solutions are holistic in nature and hence include globally leading instructional technology hardware, award-winning collaborative learning software, digital rich-media education relevant curriculum content, comprehensive continuous professional teacher development programme, and technical support integration and services.

Our SMART Government Solutions are supportive of e-government initiatives and promoting more efficient public service delivery. Our SMART solutions aid to improve communication between strategy and implementation teams on national projects, enhance the delivery of training programs for various government initiatives and assists in government departments making faster informed decisions which impacts operational efficiency for service delivery.

Our SMART Business Solutions help corporations increase innovation and boost productivity by teams working efficiently together without the restrictions of traditional tools or distance in a collaborative environment. The way we work is changing, and your technology needs to keep up with the pace. We enable work-spaces and meeting-spaces with our SMART business solutions to move your business forward.

“enabling businesses and government departments to achieve organizational results through improved communications, accelerated training and decision-making.”

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